Yoga Tune Up ~ Deep Release

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Yoga Tune Up ~ Deep Release

Certified Yoga Tune Up? teacher, Meredith Hutter Chamorro will teach you how to you live better in your body for a lifetime. In Tech Neck Rx, discover the antidote to our modern lifestyles and take the boulders off your shoulders. We’ll release, stretch and strengthen your upper body, resulting in better posture, less pain, and a feeling of lightness throughout your whole body. In Low Back Magic, we will ease low back pain, which is endemic in our society, and learn how to care for this vital area on a daily basis through self-massage, yoga, corrective exercises, & innovative movement techniques. In Deep Release, enjoy a full-body rolling experience and end with a blissful yoga Nidra for deep relaxation. From the soles of your feet to the crown of your head, you will massage the micro-regions of your body with Yoga Tune Up? Therapy Balls and excavate tension from your joints and tissues. Erase pain, enhance performance, and improve posture while uncovering your body blind spots.


Sun.6/11–Deep Release


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