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The last couple of years were… a bit of a mess! But here’s your chance to get back on track with health and fitness.

Benefits of Yoga

Sleep better

Manage pain & Stress

Improve  strength & flexibility

Helps focus & concentration

No judgement, no fancy yoga outfits needed – you definitely don’t need to be able to turn your body into a pretzel!


For 5 years, Whole Body Yoga Studio has been my go-to place for calm and connection. It’s a beautiful space with lots of soul in the heart of North Wales. I opt for the gentle and meditative classes and appreciate the excellent guidance and cues provided by the teachers there.  Practicing with other members completes the experience. PS


I have been a member of WBYS for over 5 (6? 7?) years and I truly cannot think of a more welcoming, caring, and supportive place. No matter your level of yoga, from beginner to advanced, virtual to in-person, you will find a class or workshop to suit your needs. The teachers are absolutely wonderful and I have enjoyed watching many of them evolve from newly certified to accomplished, who tailor each practice to address any issues their students have that day. There is a wonderful yoga family to be found at WBYS, I highly recommend them.  Thanks to all of you!   HMK

We’ve helped people step out of their comfort zone, confront their limitations, and develop a greater sense of self-awareness and self-discipline.
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I just love this studio and so will you. I walked in for my first class a year ago and now attend 5 -7 classes a week because I can’t get enough.
There are so many yoga classes to choose from, each with different styles with the greatest teachers.
The barre classes are fantastic for a fun full body workout.
The studio is beautiful, calming, and peaceful. The wide range of classes are convenient to any schedule. And the staff is knowledgeable and super friendly. For an added bonus the massage offerings are a wonderful experience. I only have one question… what took me so long to join CJ

Hi, I’m Patty Ferry. I founded Whole Body Yoga Studio because I’m passionate about helping people move more freely, improve their posture, sleep better, and feel better in their bodies! I’m so excited about welcoming you into the Whole Body Yoga community! We are located in the heart of the North Wales Community. Come see  for yourself what we are all about!

Patty Ferry Yoga in North Wales

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