Patty Ferry

Whole Body Yoga Studio / Patty Ferry
RYT, Owner

Patty began her personal yoga practice after eight years in the fitness industry. She was teaching classes on aerobics and spin and had her own personal training business. But as part of her continuing education, she attended health and fitness workshops where she first tried yoga. Before she had tried yoga, she thought it was just about keeping yourself in good physical condition, but the mental and spiritual part of yoga spoke to her and she fell in love with it.

When Patty learned breathing techniques often used in yoga classes, her transformation truly began. She was in a period of her life where she had many stressors and found that yoga made her more patient, more kind, and able to be more present with her kids.

Patty taught yoga in a gym setting for eight years, but she couldn’t wait to open a studio where there would be less focus on external appearance and more focus on becoming the best internal versions of ourselves.

Patty’s personal yoga practice begins in the morning with meditation. Her style revolves around centering herself by doing lots of pranayama breathing techniques. Keeping cortisol levels lower in a high stress world goes along with the cleansing and detoxifying effects that come with regular yoga practice.

Patty teaches all different levels of yoga. Her favorite class to teach is a deep hatha yoga practice where we journey inward to clear out all the things that don’t serve us, all of our stored negativity. She has fun creating challenging vinyasa classes while still exploring the internal self. She also loves teaching gentle and restorative yoga and helping people connect their bodies with their breath. People come to Patty’s classes stressed and frowning and leave happy and smiling.

Essential oils are a big part of Patty’s relaxation techniques. She enjoys being able to help people feel better by giving guidance on how they can relax in a natural way. That’s really why she has her own yoga business–to help people feel better. When Patty isn’t working, she’s happiest going for walks with her friends on local trails. Patty describes herself as calm, passionate, and motivated, all traits that have helped her create Whole Body Yoga.