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Denise Granlun

Denise Granlum

Denise after teaching a variety of high impact classes for over 20+ years and understanding the importance of health and wellness was determined to find something that may have less impact on her joints. What she didn’t want to lose was her love in helping...

Yoga Class Instructor Linda Brooks

Linda Brooks

Linda has practiced yoga for almost 15 years. It started as a way to relax, then increased when she discovered the benefits to her body and life. She has participated in classes around the world and from this combines different yoga styles on her mat....

Jeff Fazio

Jeff is a local photographer, garden cultivator, and a forty-something family dude with a loving wife, three kids, three dogs, and a cat. He's got a desk job during the day, but in his spare time he enjoys riding mountain bike and being anywhere outdoors....

Reiki Practioner in North Wales

Jennifer Treichel

Jennifer came to find yoga in 2012 as a student at Whole Body Yoga Studio. Jen began to practice as a way to heal her body from the inside out. About 4 years into her yoga practice she decided she wanted to share the healing...

Yoga Instructor Devon Liparito

Devon Lipartito

Yoga is a journey to seek the truth. Devon was first started practicing yoga at her local gym to compliment her fitness routine. She was drawn to Whole Body Yoga Studio because she was seeking a more spiritual, fulfilling yoga practice. Yoga changed her life. The...