Nancy Ignatin

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Yoga Instructor

Nancy started doing yoga on a whim in the summer of 1979 because she was part of a swim club that offered summer yoga classes. She immediately loved it, but at the end of the summer, she found out she was pregnant. Because there was no prenatal yoga at the time, she stopped doing yoga, thinking she would just give it up for a short while.

Twenty years to the day later, Nancy Ignatin took another yoga class, this time as a way to manage stress. She eventually gravitated back to the original style that she had practiced, which she discovered was kripalu-inspired. Kripalu considers itself meditation in motion. It is very much about the practice of the mind and being gentle and self-compassionate. Since her second time trying yoga, Nancy has practiced religiously and has been an instructor since 2004.

Nancy is a therapist by day and a yoga instructor by night. Sometimes she can work with a therapy client for a long time before they feel better, but when she?s teaching yoga, in an hour and fifteen minutes she can tell that her students already feel better. To watch people who are stressed walk out with smiles on their faces is priceless to Nancy. As Nancy says, ?It?s no accident that a lot of therapists are also yoga teachers.?

When Nancy isn?t teaching yoga, she?s happiest when she?s with her friends, cooking something interesting, or dancing. She cooks a wide variety of food, from classic midwest meat and potato dishes to Korean food, Italian plates, and seafood and vegetarian dishes, and once every fall, a big batch of gazpacho. Nancy loves using herbs and has recently discovered almond milk, which she really enjoys.

Nancy lives by the motto ?I am worthy. I am enough.?