Mary Beth Sedgwick

Whole Body Yoga Studio / Mary Beth Sedgwick
Yoga Instructor

As a student of yoga, I loved the feeling of empowerment I got through my practice. Being able to create balance and harmony in my body and mind was life-changing for me. After doing yoga for several years as a student, I realized that I wanted to take it to another level. I have been an educator all of my adult life. First as an English teacher, and then as a secondary school counselor.

I love teaching and watching my students grow. I realized that by combining my love of yoga and my love of teaching I could share the feeling yoga gives me with others. As a mother of two and a grandmother of three I am really busy. Yoga gives me that chance to slow down, pause, and be in the moment. I hope to help others grow, learn, and find what inspires them through my teaching. I am so grateful to be part of the Whole Body Yoga family.