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Whole Body Yoga Studio

5 out of 5 stars

Julia Cieri
Julia Cieri

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 week ago

Very welcoming studio! Had my first class today. Instructor was very knowledgeable and challenged the class! Great, inviting space with beautiful decor.

103 E. Walnut Street, North Wales


Kristen Hildebrand

Whole Body Yoga Studio / Kristen Hildebrand

Kristen first took a yoga course when she was in college, which actually helped her deal with psoriasis, a disease that runs in her family. Since then, yoga has been a part of her, but she more often practiced individually as opposed to taking classes. In 2015, she took a yoga teacher training for her own personal growth, but during the training she realized that she actually enjoyed teaching yoga.

Kristen’s yoga style most closely resembles Iyengar, which focuses on form and alignment. In the colder months, she finds herself needing a more restorative yoga practice, and in the warmer months she enjoys practicing more vinyasa-inspired yoga and working on physical feats such as perfecting a handstand.

Kristen has always been athletic. She used to play soccer and practice acrobatic yoga, and she recently obtained her personal training certificate through which she conducts skill training and other fitness training services. Working one-on-one with people helps her recognize what that person needs on a certain day and individualize routines to each person’s body and abilities. One of Kristen’s goals for this year is to finish her continuing education for personal training, which revolves around functional fitness and how to help people live a pain-free life. She also hopes to travel to India for a yoga teacher training some time next year.

Kristen enjoys hiking, kayaking, and generally spending time outdoors. But she’s also very dedicated to her clients, often using her free time to research their unique conditions–anything ranging from scoliosis to fibromyalgia–so she can better serve them through yoga and personal training.

Like many, Kristen changed her major a lot in college and began several different career paths. She wanted to be a journalist, then a nurse, then a pastry chef–but Kristen still wants to achieve parts of these goals. She would love to eventually own land–on which she would have a farmhouse, barn, studio, and cafe–where she would create vegan, sugar-free, allergen-free desserts and lead an all-around healthy lifestyle that intersects with knowledge from all of her different ventures.

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