Katie Kwortnik

Whole Body Yoga Studio / Katie Kwortnik
Yoga Instructor

Katie has always been on the search for finding peace within her mind and connecting to her true self. Yoga has always been something that she was drawn to but could never quite find the perfect fit of tradition, teacher and timing. The perfect storm of COVID finally allowed for her to slow down and make the leap to try a virtual class at Whole Body Yoga. After just her first class, she had a “good cry” and knew that she had finally found the place for her. The Pranakriya meditative style allowed for her to use breath and movement to become the watcher of her thoughts, to slow down the stories of her mind, and heal by building both her body and mind container. She saw a drastic change in her ability to tackle everyday responsibilities and interactions with an open heart and positive attitude. An added plus, it connected her to a beautiful community of like minded thinkers that were also on the same journey towards putting the work in towards awareness and self-realization.

Her enthusiasm and dedication prompted one of her teachers to suggest that she maybe take the Pranakriya 200 YTT training. After waiting a year to make sure that she indeed wanted to take that jump, she decided it was time in June of 2022. During that 9 month training, she realized that teaching yoga was the perfect combination of her life’s experiences. Combining both her classroom teaching and swim and softball coaching experiences with her natural personality trait as a nurturer, she knew, indeed she was on the right path.

Katie continues to take weekend training with Pranakryia towards earning her 500 YTT to build her knowledge of all aspects of yoga. She hopes to obtain her Kids Yoga Certificate, so that she can not only share the gift of yoga with adults but also with her children, students and student athletes. Her hope is to provide both adults and children with a loving and safe environment to share the tools and practices that they can use to help them navigate and enjoy this beautiful wild world we live in.