Jennifer Treichel

Whole Body Yoga Studio / Jennifer Treichel
Yoga Instructor

Jen began yoga by taking classes at Whole Body Yoga Studio six years ago. She attended in part because she thought it would help ease digestive issues, but continued going for the mental relaxation. After practicing for four years, Jen realized yoga was such an important part of her life that she became an instructor.

Jen has a gentle, nurturing, healing style when she teaches. She finds that new students and and returning students tend to take her classes because she provides a focus on stretching the body. Jen remembers what it was like to be new to yoga, so she is able to nurture beginners and be considerate toward yogis of all levels.

The most rewarding part of yoga for Jen is being able to take people to a place they can’t take themselves and helping them let go of their busy day, work week, or anything on their mind that’s a stressor for them. If Jen herself is having a bad day, stepping onto the mat helps alter her perspective and mood, and she is able to feel very present for her students.

Jen thinks yoga is important, especially now, because our lives have sped up. We’re constantly available to everyone through our cell phones and we don’t take enough time for ourselves, so taking that time to come to your mat, whether it be to disconnect or for healing or for exercise, is important. Jen also practices reiki, a technique for stress reduction and relaxation involving energy work and healing. She is working to hone her craft and become a reiki master by the end of the summer.

Jen lives by the motto do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. She says that it took her awhile to find what she wanted to do, but listening to your instincts about your passions is important. When Jen isn’t teaching yoga, she is happiest enjoying the outdoors, hiking, and spending time with Gizmo, her ten-year-old shih tzu who still acts like a puppy.