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Jennifer Portnoy

Whole Body Yoga Studio / Jennifer Portnoy
Yoga Instructor

Jenny discovered yoga when transitioning careers from professional dance to physical therapy. Through yoga she discovered a world in which she could uphold the physical control of her body without the competitive edge of professional dance.?

Jenny is a forever-student with a BFA in dance, doctorate of PT, 200-hour RYT from Pranakriya School of Yoga Healing Arts, and is breathing her way towards her 500 hour yoga teacher certificate. She draws from all of her life experiences when creating yoga flows and some themes woven through her classes include anatomy/alignment for safety and injury prevention, discovering breath and space, noticing life and movement in stillness, open acceptance, ease-of-mind, and laughter at unexpected times.?

“Amongst the many things I adore about teaching yoga is the opportunity to create a class community that draws us together by strengthening? us in our differences while subtly unifying us in our similarities and collective one-ness”.?

Jenny is the mom of 2 young men and a dog named 5, and you can find her practicing yoga in her new old farmhouse with her dude.?

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