Jeff Fazio

Whole Body Yoga Studio / Jeff Fazio
Yoga Instructor

Jeff is a local photographer, garden cultivator, and a forty-something family dude with a loving wife, three kids, three dogs, and a cat. He’s got a desk job during the day, but in his spare time he enjoys riding mountain bike and being anywhere outdoors. Oh, and he loves yoga too!

He found Whole Body Yoga studio back when it was located on Main Street in the borough. He remembers the feeling in those earliest days of yoga classes at WBY. It felt as if he had discovered this whole new mysterious and wonderful universe, but he was only able to see a little piece at a time. And he kept wanting more. Exploring various styles over the next year or so Jeff consistently gravitated towards more of a Hatha practice. He’s found the meditative experience of working intensity followed by release to be deeply nourishing.?

Jeff attained the 200 hour YTT certification in 2019 with Pranakriya (PK) School of Yoga Healing Arts under the teaching of Vladimir Tchakarov. Eager to go further on this journey, he is continuing to work towards the PK 500 hour YTT certification. He is grateful to be in a place in life where he can invite others to connect naturally to their true selves by simply breathing and moving in a way that honors their bodies.

He often tries to appreciate and promote the wonderful splendor that our planet offers. And as much as he incorporates the natural world into his photography, he also gives back by volunteering with the Wissahickon Valley Watershed Association ( or other conservation efforts locally and abroad.