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Gerard Olson

Whole Body Yoga Studio / Gerard Olson
Yoga Instructor

Although Gerard was formally introduced to yoga by his wife, he had been practicing meditation and sun salutations well before that. He has long practiced meditation at a zen temple and has always been physically active, from playing soccer to surfing, so naturally Gerard liked how yoga practice incorporated meditation while also acknowledging how the body can influence the mind. After he started doing yoga, Gerard felt that his meditation practice became easier, deeper, and more balanced.

Now, as a yoga instructor of eight years, Gerard practices a hatha-based flow, drawing on vinyasa and incorporating breathwork and mindfulness. When Gerard steps onto the mat, he tries to detach from his ego and open himself up to a universal energy, allowing something bigger to flow through his body so that he can be of service to others. Gerard?s favorite part of yoga is being able to share a deep and special practice and creating a place where people can share the bliss of body and breath.

Something you may not know about Gerard is that he owns Forest and Main, a brew pub in Ambler. For over six years Gerard has had his own brewery and prior to that he worked as a brewer at a different brew pub. He enjoys making beer and other fermentations such as bread, yogurt, pickles, and vegetables.

In Gerard?s free time, he enjoys sharing a good meal with his wife and two kids–although, Gerard admits, his children don?t always share he and his wife?s enthusiasm for fresh, seasonal produce. He enjoys the quote: ?You should expect your kids to eat one meal, play with one meal, and ignore one meal each day.?

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