Denise Granlum

Whole Body Yoga Studio / Denise Granlum
Yoga & Barre Instructor

Denise after teaching a variety of high impact classes for over 20+ years and understanding the importance of health and wellness was determined to find something that may have less impact on her joints. What she didn’t want to lose was her love in helping others reach their personal fitness goals and gain a better understanding of their own body. The passion for yoga was found! After 10 years of teaching a free flow form of yoga she became fascinated with a holistic approach to mind, body and spirit. Denise found Whole Body Yoga Studio where she completed the 200 hour Pranakriya School of Yoga Healing Arts. Learning never ends as she continues her Pranakriya education and training.

As a yoga instructor her goal is to empower her students to understand their own bodies. To respect their limitations, gain mobility, flexibility and awareness of breath. When you attend her class she wants you to feel strong, successful and experience a sense of joyful peacefulness and restoration. It is often said in yoga that you are as young as you keep your mind and spine flexible. Won’t you join Denise on a yoga journey and reclaim your youthful joy?