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Christa Lutz

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Christa Lutz is an artist at heart ? in addition to a yogini, surfer and fearless business owner. She began her education at Moore College of Art and Design, a women?s college, and ventured into commercial design and art therapy as a way to heal those around her through design and education. From this, Christa realized that giving back to her community was one of her biggest driving forces. With the launch of her new line, SHE, Christa?s hope is to ?share love and give love.?

With a deep respect for travel highlighting her every move, Christa pursued her formal pursuit of teaching yoga in Bali, Indonesia and Nosara, Costa Rica, with an extensive background in an Iyengar-influenced style of power vinyasa. ?To Christa, the inspiration felt through her practice is the most direct connection to one?s truest self, on and off the mat ? and when it comes to teaching yoga, the transformation of the heart and soul (for both the student on the journey and teacher who accompanies them) knows no bounds.?

Christa is known for her fun and powerful style of yoga, which she considers moving meditations. There is an element to playfulness in the way she connects breath to movement, drawing each class back to the core lesson of love: love for oneself, and love for all. ?As a teacher, Christa is known for her funky and ever-changing playlists ?? a duo yoga teacher/DJ If anyone could merge those two worlds, it is Christa and her unforgettable pura vida attitude!

Christa lives part time in Costa Rica and incorporates nature-inspired wellness into every part of her life.

“I am drawn to many things in a yoga teacher but perhaps above all humility, listening, and caring. [Christa] has all of these in spades. I am so excited to watch her journey unfold from here.? ? Caroline Wybar

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