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Caroline Schuster

Whole Body Yoga Studio / Caroline Schuster

Caroline discovered yoga in her late teens as a way to cope with ADHD and self esteem issues, and she quickly realized the power of this practice through garnering a newfound steadiness of the mind and empowerment of the spirit. Yoga showed her new avenues of self discovery and she set out to journey on the spiritual path. Caroline enjoys practicing many styles of yoga including Vinyasa, Yin, Ashtanga, and Acroyoga.

She hopes to share the gifts of yoga through teaching classes that empower the mind, body and soul. She received her training through Nectar Yoga Studio under the teachings of Kate Goodyear in 2021/22. She believes in the importance of honoring the deep, sacred roots of yoga during her classes. Respectfully incorporating traditions like The Yoga Sutras of Patangali and the Chakra system, she aims to make her practice significant on and off the mat. She teaches Vinyasa inspired classes, using movement and breath as medicine and incorporating flows to help you get in touch with your divine energy.