Calista Nelson

Whole Body Yoga Studio / Calista Nelson
Yoga Instructor

Calista is a life-long student and came to yoga in 2003, as a way to get out of her head and stretch as a swimmer. Something clicked and she kept coming back to an intermittent practice. A health crisis caused a major shift in her life, and ultimately, brought her back to yoga and to Whole Body Yoga Studio. A dedicated yoga practice, which shifted focus to breathwork, alignment, and listening to mental and physical cues, is a major part of her recovery. Yoga helped Calista find the silver linings during challenges, acceptance and a new lease on life! Through Whole Body Yoga Studio, she completed the Pranakriya School of Yoga Healing Arts 200-Hour Teacher Training and is currently working towards her 500-Hour certification.

Calista enjoys sharing her deep love and respect for yoga with others, focusing on pranayama, alignments, and mind-body connection. She hopes to help her students find what they need in their practices and leave a little calmer, centered and more fully alive than they arrived!

A nature and animal lover, Calista likes to be outside as much as possible, and can be found walking the trails with her dog or digging in the dirt in the garden. She feels lucky to have a close family, friends and yoga community!