Brian Fegley

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Thai Yoga Massage

Brian took interest in massage therapy when he started going to a massage therapist himself
and found it helpful. He then wanted to help other people with injuries and with chronic pain, so
Brian attended the National Academy of Massage Therapy and Healing Sciences, now part of
the Lansdale School of Business. Brian enjoys building relationships with people, easing them
out of pain, and helping to improve their lives through massage therapy. He has clients of all
ages and levels of fitness, including yogis and athletes, that face chronic pain and varying

Brian mainly practices Thai massage, which is a blend of yoga and massage together. His
profession revolves around helping people lead healthier lifestyles and providing the benefits of
human touch. He believes that human touch is extremely impactful on people’s physical and
mental health, especially in an age of technology where many people rely on communication via
social media and texting rather than in-person conversations. Because of technology, human
contact and human touch is more important and has more value than ever.

Brian is also a personal trainer and a reiki master, a practitioner of energy medicine and healing.
These practices work synergistically with massage therapy to achieve a well-rounded attention
to physical and spiritual health. He has been a personal trainer for 16 years and a massage
therapist for 12 years. When he’s not working, he’s exercising, working out, practicing yoga,
spending time with his girlfriend and family, reading, and learning new skills. Brian likes to go by
the motto “be the best version of yourself you can be.”

Brian’s mentors and teachers include Michael Buck and Rose Griscom, both prominent Thai
yoga massage teachers that travel throughout the country teaching the practice of Thai
massage. Brian admires their mastery of massage therapy and their ability to relate what they
do in terms that are easy to understand.

Brian hopes to continue training, improving his skills, and learning more techniques to better
serve his clients.

To schedule an appointment with Brian please call: (267) 218-3742