Amy Furlong

Whole Body Yoga Studio / Amy Furlong
Yoga Instructor

Amy has been exploring various forms of yoga for the last 15 years. Throughout Amy’s professional journey in clinical research, she remains driven by a profound desire to contribute to creating a healthier world. Recognizing the immense impact that yoga had on her own well-being, in 2018 she decided to pursue her 200-hour teacher certification at Dig Yoga under the direction of Sue Elkind and Naime Jezzemy and in 2023 completed her 500 hr certification. She also holds a certification in Yoga Sculpt from CorePower which incorporates strength training into her teaching.

Beyond the physical benefits, Amy finds immense joy in the sense of community and spiritual connection that yoga offers. Her ambition is to empower students to embrace their inner power, find balance in their lives and radiate a sense of calm and ease in everything they do.

Off the mat, when not engaging with her large loveable family, you can find Amy immersed in nature, walking her puppy Shakti, or creating healthy meals with her husband. Her passion for holistic living extends beyond the mat, as she seeks to cultivate balance and harmony in all aspects of life.