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MARCH 21: Spring Equinox Cleanse: Energize Your Chakra System

Ready to start a new season? Celebrate the spring equinox with Chelsea Rausch and Calista Nelson traveling through the subtle energy body and explore the chakras. This workshop will introduce students to the chakras and how to better direct and free energy, in a journey towards emotional...

FEB 1 : Deepen Your Yoga Practice with Pranayama

This workshop with Patty is an exploration of yoga breathing techniques weaved into yoga poses. The first part of the workshop you will explore the how, the why, and the benefit of pranayama in your yoga practice. We will explore:Basic Breath Awareness (Dhirga)Ujjayi Pranayama...

FEB 8 : Beginner Yoga 101 Series!

The time is right for you to take the first step to learn yoga! This 6-week beginner class will provide Step by Step instructions for postures, body alignment,and breathing techniques that will enhance your well-being and improve your health! This class is perfect for...

FEB 8 : Headstand Workshop

with Becky LoughinHeadstand (Sirasana) is known as the ?king of all asana?, but it can be daunting to go upside down. This workshop will begin with a short Vinyasa practice to warm up and prepare the body, then you?ll learn how to safely move...

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