Patty Ferry, founder of WBYS featured in Natural Awakenings

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Patty Ferry, founder of WBYS featured in Natural Awakenings

Natural Awakenings Magazine interviewed our founder, Patty Ferry.   Click here to view the article in full at the Natural Awakenings website.

A Conversation with Patty Ferry, Owner of Whole Body Yoga Studio

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whole body yogaWhat is your mission and vision at Whole Body Yoga, in relation to helping people be healthier and live longer?

Our mission is to have classes for every body type and all levels of yoga. Yoga is a beautiful way to balance your life. Each class offers breathing techniques, yoga poses and relaxation. Savasana (relaxation) is the most important part of the class?this is the time the body heals itself.

What does yoga mean to you now that you own a studio and your efforts bring yoga into the lifeblood of your community?

Yoga is a healing art, guiding people to heal?just one breath at a time. Students walk into Whole Body Yoga Studio, stressed and overstimulated. When the class is over, you can see the transformation from stressed to relaxed. Swami Kripalu says, ?Pranayama (yoga breath) is the Soul of Yoga.? I agree 100 percent. New students to yoga get the greatest benefit. Just by learning how to breathe with a deep inhale and exhale, they are able to calm their central nervous system, calm their mind and enter the relaxation state. Yoga is the best medicine for everyone.

What is your deepest wish for your students?

My deepest wish is for my students to take the journey.

Whole Body Yoga Studio has locations at 213 N. Main St. and 103 E. Walnut St., both in North Wales. Connect with Patty Ferry and Whole Body Yoga Studio at 215-661-0510 or September 2015.