Oct 29: Sound Healing Meditation

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Oct 29: Sound Healing Meditation

Sharon Kachel is an interfaith minister who delights in lifting the spirits of others by creating a Sound Immersion of healing frequencies. The Singing Bowls will be played throughout the entire workshop. Sound Healing Therapy benefits us mentally, physically, spiritually and especially emotionally. The soothing sound of a crystal or Tibetan bowl, whether it?s being rung like a bell or spun in order to make it sing. Sharon creates a sound healing symphony to please the listeners who are being strengthened and healed by the frequencies it creates.
The chakra system is cleaned and balanced. The body feels fresh and shiny with a higher vibration for the mind to source.
The gongs create waves to permeate the body and mind like ocean waves to thoroughly enjoy. An ocean drum with a short visual meditation will take you on a beautiful journey and ground you gently.

$25 per person – Members get 10% off
Tues, 10/29 @ 12:00-12:45pm

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