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FEB 8 : Headstand Workshop

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FEB 8 : Headstand Workshop

with Becky Loughin

Headstand (Sirasana) is known as the ?king of all asana?, but it can be daunting to go upside down. This workshop will begin with a short Vinyasa practice to warm up and prepare the body, then you?ll learn how to safely move into tripod and classical headstand, using props to begin and get your body used to the sensation of putting weight on your head, while learning which variation is right for you. Adding headstand to your regular yoga practice can have many benefits, including increased focus, increased blood flow, improved digestion, and increased strength in arms, shoulders, and core muscles.

Sat, Feb 8th @ 1:00-3:00 pm
$35 per person – Members 10% off!

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