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north wales prenatal yogaWelcome to WBYS Prenatal Yoga Community! We are honore and excited to be a part of your journey into motherhood. Our goal is to help and support you to stay healthy, to build strength, calm and over all positive wellbeing as you prepare for your newest addition! This series is designed to cultivate connection with other expectants Mothers, and offer yoga postures, pranayama (breathing exercises), meditation, and relaxation techniques to support your pregnancy journey.

What is Prenatal Yoga?

Prenatal Yoga offers women an opportunity to begin or continue their yoga practice and stay strong in mind and body during the journey of pregnancy. We focus on improving flexibility, endurance, and balance, as well toningand strengthening the muscles that will be used during labor and delivery. We aim to strengthen the emotional connection between mother and baby through mindful breathing exercises and meditation.

benefits of prenatal yoga

Why Prenatal Yoga?

Studies have shown that a consistent prenatal yoga practice can help ease:

    •  stress
    • anxiety
    • lower back pain
    • headaches
    • shortness of breath
    • nausea.

Prenatal yoga has also been shown to improve:

    • sleep in the months leading up to your baby being born.
    •  core muscles strength and toning
    • mental and emotional feeling about your labor and delivery

Join us in class and become a part of a supportive group of women to ease the stress of becoming a new parent!


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What Should I Bring to Class?

Just like a normal yoga class, bring your mat and plenty of water to stay hydrated! Be sure to wear comfortable clothing that will allow movement and flexibility and keep you cool. We offer bolsters and blocks, but if you prefer to bring your own props, please feel free.

Can Pregnant Women Participate in Other Yoga Classes?

While we encourage women to stay active during their pregnancies, we suggest classes that, like our Prenatal Yoga class, offer stretches and poses that are specifically geared to accommodate pregnant women.

yoga for pregnant women

Our instructors are trained to modify postures to accommodate anyone with a specific need or request. In addition, classes such as Gentle Yoga, Yoga and Relaxation, and Whole Body Hatha are also great during pregnancy when done with the proper modification. If you are taking one of our other classes please let the instructor know you are pregnant at the beginning of class. We do recommend that you consult with your doctor before participating in more strenuous classes, such as Ashtanga and Heated Vinyasa, as these classes may be too demanding to both mother and child.
Meet our Instructors!

Devon Lapartito leads Prenatal Yoga. A mother herself, Devon has a deep understanding of the physical and emotional needs that accompany pregnancy. Feel free to contact Devon with any questions you may have.

After the Baby Arrives

Once new mothers get the okay from their doctors to resume their normal exercise routine, we welcome you back to the studio! We offer restorative yoga classes, such as Restore and Renew, Yoga and Meditation, and Yoga for Relaxation. Our Whole Body Hatha Yoga is great for easing back onto the mat, and Slow Flow and Vinyasa are always available as you progress in your recovery.

**Please let us know before class if you have any special circumstances we should be aware of so we can offer modifications if necessary, or if you do not wish to be physically corrected.

Pregnant students are also welcome to join any of our other ongoing Yoga Classes classes as long as they have no restrictions from their physicians. However, please let us know that you are pregnant before taking any classes that involve floor or mat work.


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