April 5: Meditative Postures Master Class

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April 5: Meditative Postures Master Class

Have you ever taken a MASTER CLASS?

A master class is taught by a master of a discipline and is generally a one-off special event. Don’t miss this Meditative Postures Class with Master Teacher Vladimir Tchakarov! This all-level class is led with a balance of stretching and strengthening and has an internal focus. Pranayamas (breathing techniques) will be used, and warm-ups and kriyas will be followed by postures. Long holds and a focus on deep breathing allow the student to focus on mindfulness.

Participation in this class will allow you to practice listening to your body and both make adjustments to go deeper into stretches, as well as back off or come out of postures if there is strain.

Friday, April 5th @ 6:00 ? 7:15 PM
$20 per person

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