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Students in the program work hard, have a great time and leave the program fully prepared to teach in the real world

- Yoganand Michael Carroll

After completing the 200 hour teacher training program, I felt confident that I could walk into a class and lead students through a safe and supported practice. Being able to practice teaching during the training was a wonderful way to begin to feel comfortable in the teacher role and it gave me the opportunity to observe different people and body types move through the postures. We learned to teach three distinct types of classes, almost assuring that we would be prepared to lead several types of classes upon completion of the program. Because of the thorough training, I was able to secure teaching jobs at local studios and put my skills to use immediately following graduation. If I had to do it all over again, I would still choose this training.

- Stacee

When I decided to commit to YTT, I didn?t see myself teaching. I just wanted a deeper practice: what I got in return was so much more. An awakening within, a renewed sense of belonging, a strong confidence to teach and a broad yet flexible training that I could apply anywhere and with various populations. What I know for sure is not all YTT?s are the same. I am glad that I studied with Pranakriya.

As I?ve ventured out into the world to instruct those with sleep issues as well as military service members, veterans and their families, I know that I had one of the best yoga trainings around. It has definitely prepared me to work with specialized populations in a way that I didn?t see coming!

During Pranakriya YTT I learned how to teach poses, not just perform them. The Pranakriya methodology instilled in me the confidence to lead classes that range from gentle to vigorous through the numerous practice teaching opportunities. Yet as much as I gained knowledge of the postures, I also discovered so much more about myself as a yoga practitioner on and off the mat. I changed both physically and spiritually, and will always be grateful for the connection to the Pranakriya lineage.

- Stacy

I was 56 years old when I contacted WBYS and met Patty. I was completely new to yoga and always wanted to try it. I started private yoga sessions with Patty which have allowed me to become more physically fit and brought me peace both mentally and emotionally. Four years later, she taught me to use the principles of yoga to breathe and relax, which allowed me to handle the stress and challenges of my professional life. WBYS has a warmth when you walk in which brings me so much happiness. Thank you, Patty, and yoga for changing my life.

- Jeanne C.

I came to the Pranakriya 200 hour training with the intention of teaching yoga. Not only did I land my first teaching job within a month of graduation ? but the most important gift from the training was what I gained on the inside. The Pranakriya teachers and community treated me with loving kindness and compassion. This community helped me to find parts of myself that I never knew existed ? and an incredible light within myself that I had been unconsciously hiding for much of my life. The training was extremely organized, and extremely thorough for potential teachers. Not only did I leave feeling prepared to lead a class ? but I left feeling lighter in my soul. I continue to be grateful on a daily basis for the life I have as a yoga teacher ? and grateful for my Pranakriya roots.

- Sarah

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