Whole Body Yoga Studio Policies

WBYS Refund Policy
Whole Body Yoga Studio does not offer refunds for purchases of any kind. Yoga Class Passes, New Student Intro Package, and Special Workshop Series may not be suspended or extended except in certain situations. New Student Intro 30 day Unlimited Yoga Class pass and Memberships may not be transferred to another person. ?Please note that Yoga Class Passes expire 12 months after your purchase.

If you purchase a class package, it may be shared with a family member. ?Unused merchandise may be returned in its original packaging within 14 days of purchase with a receipt for exchange or Whole Body Yoga account credit.

Freezing/Extending Memberships
A monthly membership one-year expiration date may be adjusted only for serious illnesses or injuries that result in an individual being unable to practice for longer than 1 full week.

We ask that you let us know as soon as possible of a serious illness or injury so that we can do our best to alter your membership. Please provide a statement from a physician before attempting to make any adjustment to your membership. Vacation, non-physician-verified injuries or illnesses, and/or non-use of a membership are not valid reasons for an extension.

Workshops/Special Events
WBYS does not offer refunds for workshops. A 48-hour cancellation notice via email at (no phone calls) is required for you to receive a credit on your WBYS account, minus a $10 handling fee.

Less than 48-hour notifications and no-shows will be charged the full fee.

Children In Yoga Classes
Young Adults between the ages of 12-15 must be accompanied with a parent or guardian in class and with approval from the teacher. Parents must sign a consent form, you may complete at the studio or download in advance.

Schedule Changes
Whole Body Yoga may occasionally cancel or change the date, instructor, or time of any class or workshop. Should this occur, we will do our best to notify students quickly on our social media pages, website, or through the WBYS app.

During holidays or inclement weather, the class schedule may be altered or the studio may be closed. While we offer full refunds if workshops or teacher training sessions are cancelled or pushed to a later date, we do not offer refunds or membership extensions due to cancellations or instructor substitutions on our drop-in schedule.

Family/partner Membership Discounts
If one household member has purchased an unlimited membership, additional household residents receive 30% off in his/her unlimited membership. Please coordinate family purchases with Patty. In order to qualify for this deal, family members must live in the same residence. This deal applies to all immediate family relationships. If the primary member receives a discounted membership, then the secondary member’s discount is 30% MINUS the primary discount.

Will I be charged for my class if I am unable to attend?
You may cancel your reservation at least two hours before class begins with no penalty. If you do not show up or cancel your reservation within a two-hour window of the start of class, you will be charged a No Show/Late Cancel Fee. The fee will be equal to a deduction from your class pack/drop-in purchase, or $15 per occurrence for all Unlimited Memberships.

The purpose of charging a fee is to deter students from filling a spot in a class that they cannot fill. Classes fill up quickly and we want to allow all students the opportunity to attend.

Whole Body Yoga Monthly AutoRenew policies
Minimum Unlimited Membership enrollment is 4 full months. You will be charged $99 on the same date every month. After 4 full months, you will continue to be charged monthly membership dues until you notify us of membership cancellation.

To cancel your Unlimited Membership, please email our studio owner, Patty at least 2 weeks before your next charge date.

Suspending or Terminating Unlimited Memberships
You may suspend your membership for any reason once per year for a minimum of 2 weeks and maximum of 3 months. To suspend your membership, please email Patty at at least 14 days before the time period you wish to freeze.

To terminate your Unlimited Membership after your 4 month contract, please email Patty at least 14 days before your next charge date. Members wishing to terminate their membership prior to 4 months may do so with a $99 early termination fee.