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Kelliann Nolen

Yoga Instructor

Keliann Nolen is a dynamic and compassionate Yoga Teacher. She spent more than half her life in dance, before she decided to leave it and attend college, get a 9-5 job and start a family. Throughout her extensive dance career, she studied, taught and competed in tap, jazz and ballet, while instructing disco, country western and aerobics classes.

After giving birth to her third son, Kelliann chose to stay home to care for her family. As the boys got older, she decided it was time to find something that would nurture her spirit. She found that something in Yoga! In yoga, Kelliann experiences the grace and flow that ballet creates, while incorporating mindfulness and inner peace. She loves the way it makes her feel about herself in body, mind and spirit. Kelliann intuitively guides her students of all levels through their practice on and off the yoga mat.