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Whole Body Yoga Studio in North Wales, PA is a serene, warm and inviting studio with small-sized classes. This allows the instructor to provide individualized attention to each student, challenging both the body and mind.

Whole Body Yoga Studio Class - Downward Dog Position

Whole Body Yoga Studio encourages students to understand the importance of routine yoga practice through its regular, daily class offerings and specialized workshops.Whole Body Yoga Studio welcomes the new beginner student as well as seasoned yoga practitioners wanting to advance their practice.  We offer over 20 classes per week as well as Private Yoga instructions for individuals, couples and small groups.  We have 2 studios to accommodate classes, and private yoga instruction. All of our teachers are certified at the 200-hour level and draw on years of their own personal yoga practice.

I look forward to my Sunday night yoga class, it sets the tone for the rest of the week!
Will, age 51