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WBYS Teachers

Patty Ferry, RYT, owner of Whole Body Yoga Studio

Patty FerryPatty was introduced to yoga at fitness conference, this motivated her to begin her yoga journey. She has studied with Kate Healy and Yoganand Michael Carroll.  She has explored several different yoga influences, Iyangar, Ashtanga and classical Hatha yoga. She completed her 200 hr Pranakriya Teacher certification  under Yoganand Michael Carroll, in 2008. Yoga is Patty’s true passion, she loves the way it incorporates the mind and the body, and it makes her feel balanced. It has helped her heal emotionally and spiritually.  She  enjoys  leading people through their yoga practice and watching her students  transform and grow.   Patty has been in teaching yoga since 2000, she continues her yoga studies and is presently working toward her 500 hr. Teacher Training. Besides being a yoga teacher and studio owner, Patty is wife and mother of 2 beautiful daughters who inspire her daily.  She enjoys spending quality time with her family and enjoys being involved in the local community.

Rachel Cama, MFA, RYT

Rachel CamaA career professional musician and scholar, Rachel Cama began practicing yoga and mediation to enrich her teaching and performing in music.  She is a yoga instructor certified through the Himalayan Institute, a premier center for yoga and holistic living.  After training as a yoga teacher in the Himalayan tradition, Rachel completed a one-year residency as writer on the editorial staff of Yoga International, the Institute’s award-winning magazine. She has formally studied Sanskrit, Ayurveda and is a Reiki Master/Teacher.  Believing that we all have the ability to heal ourselves, both physically and emotionally, through authentic self-expression, Rachel is particularly interested in the therapeutic applications of the modalities she practices.  She enjoys teaching to variety of populations including those in mental illness recovery, teenagers and seniors. Currently, Rachel teaches yoga, meditation, Ayurveda and Reiki, both classes and workshops, at several Philadelphia area yoga studios, YMCA and retirement homes. She is also classical musician – performing on early European string instruments locally and throughout the country.


Stephanie Morano

Steph has always had a love for health and fitness. She began her yoga practice in 2004 as a way to compliment swimming, running, biking, and weight training. She continued to practice yoga off and on for a couple years and quickly found herself hooked while training for a half Ironman during 2009-2010. Yoga was a way to calm mind, body and spirit while building inner and outer strength by connecting breath with movement.

Steph completed her 200 hour Vinyasa Teacher Training in June 2011 at Dhyana Yoga. Steph hopes by sharing fun, energetic classes that she can help others discover the benefits of yoga

Suzanne Liggett, MS Ed., RYT, RCYT

Uniquely, yoga is both a means to an end and the end itself…losing your Self in the art, you gain everything.This mindset is one way Suzanne has been moved by the beautiful discipline we call yoga. Uniting body and mind with spirit throughout her classes, with challenging asana sequences, pranayama (breathing techniques), and mindful meditation, Suzanne invites her students to retreat within…in order to manifest great strength and peace that shines from the inside out. She has maintained a personal practice throughout much of her life infused with essences of Kundalini and Vinyasa styles of yoga. Suzanne received her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Certification with Vidya Heisel of Frog Lotus Yoga in Bali, Indonesia. There, she became fluidly rooted in the yogic principals of the Sutra. Suzanne also studied with Gopala Amir Jaffe in Jersey City, NJ and is certified in Kids, Family, and Partner Yoga through Rainbow Kids Yoga. A lifelong educator (and student), Suzanne believes that we all possess the bliss of our inner child and can learn totap continuously into that true source. She would love to meet you along the journey!

Nancy Ignatin

Nancy has been practicing Yoga daily since 1999, and has been a registered 200 hour Yoga teacher since 2004. Her classes include postures, breath work, visualization, and relaxation. She emphasizes safety, comfort, and proper alignment in a relaxing, congenial atmosphere. Her style makes Yoga approachable for everyone, including new students, kids, seniors, and those with special needs. She uses a gentle, calming, soothing approach as opposed to an athletic one, and has  the ability to relax the entire class with her voice. Self-compassion, self-awareness, and the mind-body connection are stressed; the student’s experience is seen as primary. Her classes are restorative, yet energizing and refreshing. Her teaching demeanor is supportive, nonjudgmental, and relaxed. Whether she is teaching the novice or the seasoned student, she promotes the sense of exploration and awe of the beginner.  Students report they feel more peaceful, serene, balanced, and flexible, often after just one session.

Kelliann  Nolen

Kelliann Nolen

Keliann Nolen is a dynamic and compassionate Yoga Teacher. She spent more than half her life in dance, before she decided to leave it and attend college, get a 9-5 job and start a family.  Throughout her extensive dance career, she studied, taught and competed in tap, jazz and ballet, while instructing disco, country western and aerobics classes. After giving birth to her third son, Kelliann chose to stay home to care for her family.  As the boys got older, she decided it was time to find something that would nurture her spirit.  She found that something in Yoga!

In yoga, Kelliann experiences the grace and flow that ballet creates, while incorporating mindfulness and inner peace.  She loves the way it makes her feel about herself in body, mind and spirit. Kelliann intuitively guides her students of all levels through their practice on and off the yoga mat.

Jeffrey Fields, RYT, MSW 

Jeffery FieldsJeffrey has been practicing yoga for over 16 years and is continually fascinated by how yoga combines breath, movement, and insight. Certified as a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) from Dharma Yoga in Austin, TX, Jeffrey brings a mix of playfulness, contemplation, and breath focused movements to the mat. He is also a Master’s Level Social Worker (MSW) with experience in family therapy as well as housing and homelessness issues. In 2007, Jeffrey did a year of mindfulness-based training at the Austin Zen Center. He brings the insight he gained there into themes that help students move deeper into their practice both on and off the mat.

Most recently, Jeffrey just arrived back from a travel sabbatical where he traveled the world with his wonderful wife and fellow certified yoga instructor, Neda Fields. From learning Neda’s native language of Bulgarian, to practicing yoga with village kids in the jungles of Laos, to climbing the mountains of New Zealand, the travel sabbatical was an incredibly enriching experience that Jeffrey hopes to share with you in practice. It also gave him the opportunity to do intensive study with renowned Thai Massage and Herbal Medicine Doctor Homprang Chaleekanha. Jeffrey is certified in Thai Bodywork at the highest level awarded to foreigners by the Thai Ministry of Education and enjoys bringing that modality into group practice as well as private practice sessions.

Neda Fields, RYT

Neda FieldsNeda is a certified Dharma Yoga (200 hr) teacher and has been practicing yoga and meditation for over 13 years. With her husband Jeff, she completed a 1 year residency program at the Austin Zen Center utilizing Zen meditation as a tool for the exploration of the mind’s activity and as a method for settling that activity to live fully in the present. She believes that yoga is an extension of this exploration and goes even further in integrating the physical body in the practice of calming the “monkey mind”. As a full time Information Technology Audit Manager who oversees multiple projects, Neda specializes in using her yoga practice to find work/life balance and in bringing spirituality into everyday life.

Beth Knudson

bethknudsonBeth helps people change the way they think and feel about their food, their bodies, their relationships and themselves. She teaches an informative and inspiring class with emphasis on internal awareness and self-acceptance. She believes that our bodies are manifestations of our spirits, a consistent practice that includes mindful movement, good food, and healing touch keeps us in harmony and allows us to feel the full scale of our experiences. Beth believes you CAN change. Your shape, your outlook, your experience, your life.

Gerard Olson

Yoga InstrutorGerard became interested in meditation and yoga as a teenager through reading, teachers, and friends. Living in Glenside, he began a regular meditation practice at the Won Buddhist Temple. After many years of exposure to different approaches, Gerard felt a hatha yoga asana practice harmonized perfectly with meditation. Wanting to deepen his own practice, in 2009 he enrolled in the 200 hour teacher training program at Yoga on Main in Philadelphia.

Gerard connected with the tools and techniques the yoga and ayurvedic traditions provide to work with the individual constitutions of our minds and bodies. Gerard loves to work with various asanas, pranayama, and mantra methods, to bring our physical and subtle body systems into a balanced state conducive to meditation.