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Whole Body Yoga Studio Reviews

I came to the Pranakriya 200 hour training with the intention of teaching yoga. Not only did I land my first teaching job within a month of graduation – but the most important gift from the training was what I gained on the inside. The Pranakriya teachers and community treated me with loving kindness and compassion. This community helped me to find parts of myself that I never knew existed – and an incredible light within myself that I had been unconsciously hiding for much of my life. The training was extremely organized, and extremely thorough for potential teachers. Not only did I leave feeling prepared to lead a class – but I left feeling lighter in my soul. I continue to be grateful on a daily basis for the life I have as a yoga teacher – and grateful for my Pranakriya roots

- Sarah

Thank you for a much needed experience. I really appreciate you letting me come the same day, I had a wonderful class!

- Lori Hays

Fantastic teachers and small classes. Intimate experience along with self focus. Bravo Whole Body Yoga Studio!

- Sally Riefenstahl

Whole Body Yoga is a treasure. The studio itself is very inviting: cozy, lit mainly by sunlight for daytime classes, soft lighting for nighttime, clean, spacious, lovely massage room. There are many class times and styles of yoga being offered and taught by incredible teachers. Additionally, there are always interesting workshops happening. Many studios provide these services, but what they may not provide is the "energy" found at Whole Body. Along with the physical aspect of yoga, the teachers at Whole Body do a great job with helping students to focus on their inner experience. It is a place to find calm, to become grounded and strong.

- Lori Shanken

When I decided to commit to YTT, I didn’t see myself teaching. I just wanted a deeper practice: what I got in return was so much more. An awakening within, a renewed sense of belonging, a strong confidence to teach and a broad yet flexible training that I could apply anywhere and with various populations. What I know for sure is not all YTT’s are the same. I am glad that I studied with Pranakriya. As I’ve ventured out into the world to instruct those with sleep issues as well as military service members, veterans and their families, I know that I had one of the best yoga trainings around. It has definitely prepared me to work with specialized populations in a way that I didn’t see coming!

- Pamela

After taking a break from yoga, I decided to give myself a treat so, in May, I signed up for an unlimited month of classes at Whole Body Yoga Studio in North Wales. I glad I did! What a liberating experience - as my schedule allowed, I would take Yin Yoga on Monday, Gentle Yoga on Tuesday, Yoga & Zen Meditation on Wednesday, Yoga and Meditation on Thursday, Yoga for a Healthy Back on Friday, and Therapeutic Flow With Healing Touch on Saturday. I consider myself a beginner. What I loved was the way each instructor welcomed and supported me, suggesting I might use a block, blanket or bolster to ease my tight hamstrings and bring the floor closer to me. Worth checking out.

- Kathy Schuck

I like Whole Body Yoga studio because there is a mix of students there. When I moved to North Wales, I needed to find a studio closer to where I live. It's a totally different atmosphere than my other studio, but that's what keeps me present. I hope to get there more often.

- Theresa Stem

Best yoga studio around. Love this place!!

- Gina Marinick

Whole Body Yoga is home away from home for me. Patty and ALL the instructors really DO care about the individuals performance and progress. All who attend will be welcomed and nurtured. Patty and Co. have provided a well rounded program and convenient times to start a yoga, breathing, medication regiment to relieve stress, lose weight, lifestyle diet and build endurance. There are also special classes to share that benefit other body concerns. As a 4yr member at Whole Bodies, this experience has enriched MY life. WILL HILL

- Will Hill

Small classes, studio with character, each class is unique and the instructors genuinely care about each member.

- Sally Riefenstahl

I am a new yogi.mi began my practice in January, 2014. I have taken several classes with different instructors and have enjoyed each class and instructor. It is a very safe environment for those starting out and challenging for those who have been practicing for some time. I recommend the studio and instructors highly.

- Veronica Brennan

Whole Body Yoga is a beautiful and versatile space. The classess offered are varied and provide many options. All the teachers have a commitment to helping the students enjoy the class and find their own level of comfort. I've been practicing here for about two years. I love it. Namaste Kim

- Kim Niezgoda

I just started taking the Yoga 101 class with Patty and really enjoy it, plus it is very convenient for me after work.

- Patricia (Patti) Bebien-Aronoff

Whole Body Yoga Studio has been the best thing for my mind, body and spirit. In today's world of "immediacy" the best gift I can give myself is to slow down and take care of me. The workshops and classes at Whole Body do just that whether I want something more challenging like a Vinyasa class or something more restorative like Yoga & Relaxation. Thank you to all the teachers at Whole Body Yoga, you are truly a gift.

- Anonymous

The studio is a welcoming, friendly, comfortable place. Classes provide a instructional, calm atmosphere for my yoga practice.

- Barbara Harvey

Absolutely the best yoga studio around. From the teachers to the varied classes and workshops, Whole Body Yoga Studio is a great fit for ANYONE looking to begin (like me) or continue with their yoga journey. I cannot say enough good things about this establishment!

- Lindsay Beuke

Awesome class! Teacher ensured everyone felt welcome and comfortable.

- Deborah Hunsberger

Whole Body Yoga Studio is a refuge for peacefulness and relaxation with a warm welcoming atmosphere.

- Annemarie Cutler

Great yoga classes, serene and peaceful atmosphere!

- Susan Lucas

I took my first formal yoga class today, and it was wonderful. Patty guided the class in a pace that all could keep up with, and explained each movement as we went. I never felt comfortable in a group setting involving working out, or any sports, but this time I was relaxed, and felt at ease. I can not wait till my next class.

- Samantha Wehr

Lovely facility with a cozy ambiance. Helpful, dedicated, and well-trained staff.

- Lucy Cantwell

Wonderful studio, great instructors, friendly as well! Can't wait to come back!

- Krista Moulds

I began my yoga journey almost two years ago, at 58, with a beginners yoga workshop at WBYS and have not turned back. Intimate and welcoming, small class sizes and caring interested teachers have made for a wonderful learning and growing experience. I am happy to be there, and always come away feeling both calmer and yet energized in body and mind. Thanks to WBYS, I have found something in yoga that I will carry through the rest of my life. I can't say enough positive things about WBYS!

- Beverly Frantz

I love this studio. The teachers are great. No matter what your schedule is there are always great classes available.

- Kelly Melcher

What a fantastic find! Nancy and Susie are great instructors who make beginners feel welcome and comfortable. Visiting Whole Body Yoga here in North Wales is the perfect way to relax and do something healthy for yourself.

- Molly Leahy

Great instructors in a studio with a very comfortable and personal feel to it.

- Vicki Amon

Great studio. Wonderful instructor. Don't worry if you are a beginner. They've got you covered.

- Vanessa Makinson Sanders

“Students in the program work hard, have a great time and leave the program fully prepared to teach in the real world.”

- Yoganand Michael Carroll

Kimberly did a great job. I enjoyed not only the teaching but her approach. Indicating this is our session she is just there for guidance. That really hit home with me. I also like the relaxed environment and location. Parking was a little tight but I think it has a lot to do with the snow piles. Which are every where in the state of PA right now. I'll be back on Monday. Thanks!

- Rebecca Craycraft