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Meet Jeff M!
How long have you been practicing Yoga?
About 9 months.
What is your favorite pose?
Warrior 2.
What changes have you experienced in your body/life from doing Yoga?
I was having a problem with my right hip that just wasn’t going away. I’m a practitioner of Tai Chi which is very beneficial, but I knew I needed something more. My wife, Chris, started a few months before me, and a problem that she was having with her shoulder was getting better. I was optimistic. Within little more than a month my hip was responding well and most of the pain associated with it had gone…I couldn’t have been happier. Since that time I would say that Yoga has been transformational for me. I’ve engaged with it and expanded my practice. I know that I’ll be doing yoga for as long as I’m able to.
What advice do you have for someone who is just starting Yoga?
I would say two things. One, we all have busy lives with our families, work and our social activities. Come to the studio and get on your mat. You’ll always be glad that you did. The second one comes from a mentor of mine so I’ll paraphrase. ‘This came from a yoga instructor. After each instruction, she'd say "if available." As in, "just because you were able to touch your knee to your nose yesterday doesn't mean you'll be able to do it today" or "respect where you are today." So, keep up the good work, if available.’ The only other thing I would say is to be happy that you’ve chosen to practice at Whole Body Yoga. The Teachers are amazing, knowledgeable, kind and caring. The Students are friendly and positive making it a great environment to learn and practice Yoga.
Thanks for being part of Whole Body Yoga, Jeff! We're glad you're here.

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    Yoga Workout with Yoganand 11/6 6-7...

    Pranakriya Yoga Workout is predominately an athletic and energy activating yoga practice. The class is designed to build energy and carry it from one posture to the next, and to increase the body’s capacity to hold energy and the minds … Continue Reading
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    Acro Yoga with Eric Mamuzich 11/14...

    AcroYoga will give you an amazing feeling of accomplishment and confidence, delivering a whole new way of experiencing movement! Alignment becomes very important and easy to see through Acro.  We learn in a really fun way of connecting and stacking … Continue Reading
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    Join Patty Ferry,   for an afternoon of restorative bliss!  This deeply relaxing practice can help relieve the stress and tensions of daily life.  Stress can affect us in many different way, and can lead to a variety of “dis”ease, such … Continue Reading
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    A new meditation and discussion group by and for cancer patients and their caregivers. Let’s help each other improve our quality of life.Please come join us for a 60-minute session consisting of a brief meditation followed by a discussion on … Continue Reading